Professional organizers transform clutter and chaos into efficient spaces for homes and businesses. You could be responsible for organizing your shoe closet or designing storage spaces for your marketing company.

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Organizers often have to act as coaches for clients who are having trouble throwing away their stuff. To design systems that work, organizers must learn more about their clients.

How to get started?

It’s easy to start a home-based business that organizes clutter if you love helping people get their lives and places organized.

Decide whether you will specialize in your service or if it will be generalized. You can help anyone or just homes and businesses. You can also specialize in one area such as paper management or garages.

Get a business license

A detailed business plan should be created that outlines your service, pricing and financial goals.

Create your marketing plan and promotional materials.

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You can create a referral system and get testimonials. This is a great way to find new clients with minimal marketing investment.

You might consider training or conducting seminars for your organization either in person or via e-courses, webinars, or online. This can help you show off your skills and make extra income. It also helps you to gain new clients.

You can do sample projects for people you know and then showcase them with before and after photos to be used in online and physical portfolios.

To attract customers and subcontractors that you trust, develop good networking skills.

Promote yourself by using low-cost, free advertising, such as flyers, newspapers, and signage on cars.

You can incorporate internet marketing such as a website or blog, and social media.

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If you plan to do some of the dirty work yourself, gather a few tools: a tape measure, camera, tape measure and rubber gloves.

Quality service is important. Always ask for testimonials and recommendations from satisfied clients.