Planning a career can be defined as choosing life’s important paths. A careful planning is certainly required when it comes to how you would earn a living. If planning is not implemented it will culminate in not only a financial problem but it might even turn into a physical, psychological and emotional problem. The consequence of ruining our life can be dreadful. There are many experiences of people who have earned a living with nothing in hand. This can happen only with a keen career plan. Hence planning must be taken seriously. New opportunities and career choices are developing every day that didn’t at all exist few years ago.

The career vocabulary has to e given prior importance and a good understanding for the first step in planning. Words meaning the same can then be proved different, though with only subtle difference. For example the words: position, employment, job, career, occupation. They seem to be synonyms, but do not necessarily be so. A paramedic and a doctor both have an employment, but their positions differ. It is important to be familiar with the following words before planning a career: career management, career development, career counseling, career guidance. These have a lot to do with planning a career. A firm structure is required for career building. Career building are steps taken towards a systematic and designed career that fits you perfect. It helps in a satisfactory progress all along the path of a well chosen career. Long term goals and short term objectives are decided and they are the first step towards planning for a good career. Decisions are made based upon one’s flexibility, adaptability and resilience. The response to challenges are decided by these characters. Later self assessment of one’s personal management capabilities is done.

What sort of decisions on lifestyle will you come up with? What are your interpersonal skills and job-survival skills? How good are you at work-leisure integration and role integration? Identification of one’s skills and strengths is important in career planning. Can you do an effective employment search? The want ads in newspapers are not the only way in which one has to search. How do you project yourself? How good are you at demanding yourself? What measures would you make to become more marketable? Knowledge on the source of information should always be in the process of updating. The trends in labor market often change. Training opportunities have to be found out. The years in work force would have given you several positions or jobs. A good marketable individual ultimately does an effective career planning with the required changes.