YMC Entertainment Responds To Reports Of Wanna One’s 2017 Earnings


YMC Entertainment has responded to reports about Wanna One’s 2017 earnings.

On March 27, a news outlet reported that each member of Wanna One had earned 300 million won (approximately $279,000) from June to December 2017. They claimed that this amount was for group activities, with profits from individual activities calculated separately.

YMC, the agency in charge of management for Wanna One, responded by stating, “The reports that each member earned 300 million won is not something we can confirm. Each member’s agency has a different profit distribution ratio, and the members also have profits from individual activities, so each member’s earnings are different. Even we don’t know the exact amount each individual member has received.”

Interest in Wanna One’s earnings has arisen following comments that were made by some of the members in a video that circulated on the day of their comeback. In a video when the members were unaware that they were being filmed, some of the comments included, “Why can’t we receive payment?” and “Why do we only receive 20 percent?” Wanna One, YMC Entertainment, and Mnet’s Star Live service have since apologized for the video.