The decision to live a completely organic lifestyle was not a hard one. You have done your research. You have become aware of the effects of the various chemicals and toxins put into products of all kinds. Your new natural lifestyle also extends to the makeup you wear.

Ten years ago it was hard if not impossible to get high quality organic mascara. The kind of mascara that made you look and feel good was simply not available in an all-organic form. Things have changed quite significantly since then. An entire industry has emerged, as though out of thin air, to answer the need of the millions of women who have become part of the movement toward organic living.

The inception of an industry means competition; it means choice and the ability to discern between the different mascaras on offer.

Here are a few of the Best Natural Mascara products available on the market:

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara can be purchased for $6. It has a EWG Skin Deep Rating of 1. It is a good option. The first coat goes on thin. Subsequent applications give good volume. You must apply it 2-3 times to get the best affect. The brush on this product is not so well-designed; it can be annoying against your skin, for it is made of silicone-like material. If the mascara gets in your eyes, it will burn and make them water. You should avoid using this as touch-up mascara when you’re at work or some other place of business.

Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara is available for $14. It has a EWG Skin Deep Rating of 2. This mascara is known to be less clean. However, it is excellent as a primer. It has the additional advantage of not clumping or smudging, which means you spend less time working it into your skin properly. It is also a great mascara to use for a beach trip or on exceptionally hot and humid days.

Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara can be bought for $19. This one comes highly recommended, as it is ranks high on the Skin Deep Database. The product is made from natural plant-based ingredients. It is certified by the highly respected and quite stringent European Nature and BDHI for only using natural and raw materials derived from nature. It is known to be free of synthetic fragrances, colors, and dyes. The products used are minimally processed, contain no petroleum-derived synthetics, use non-toxic productions methods; are non-GMO and use no irradiation. The company also claims to “almost exclusively obtain plants, oils and waxes from certified organic cultivation (biodynamic quality where possible) and under fair trade condition.”

As you can see, you are not without some choice when it comes to purchasing organic mascara. Your selection must, of course, be based on the demands and circumstances of your everyday life. However, the number of products available makes it much easier for you to choose something that is in line with your style, work habits, and budget. Buying natural mascara helps you live a thoroughly organic life.

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