It is sad that proving plagiarism is more straightforward than for a writer to show that his work is original. A teacher may say that the plagiarized information is not online, but a disconnection between your past and this work shows you copied. It is a tight spot that plagiarism checkers cannot offer a total solution.

Although you may not get evidence to show 100% that your work is unique, you can do one or a few of the flowing to show that your intention from the beginning was not to plagiarize.

  1. Request to present a verbal report

 A plagiarist is unlikely to remember much of the content and arguments in an essay with copy work. Submitting an oral report about your piece without reading the paper and summarizing it well is a sign that you did not copy.

 The ability to achieve a tremendous oral defense starts from the time you start writing. You should always master the words and best custom essay writing services claims so that you can note any weird words that you never use in your sentences. It is also essential to comprehend your essay before submission rather than submitting after you complete writing and revision. If you know the information, it will be simple to answer questions and remember some of the references if there is a reason for defense against plagiarism claim.

  1. Show that you have been using the words in question

 It is essential to read other essays, academic work, and content for other purposes including personal diaries. You may find that you use the words frequently. Online content or marked assignments are the best material to convince a teacher about your writing style as they are not materials that someone can edit to suit self-defense.    Provide social media posts because they have date stamps while previous assignments are in the school records thus it is simple to verify that there is no tampering.

  1. Show the sources

Provide the sources of the information in your essay to your teacher as evidence that you made an effort to write the work. Show your notes, search history, books and reference articles. You should also provide the first drafts and outlines because it would be unusual to make all this effort then cheat.

It is also possible to use particular words because after hearing someone mentioning them without an intention to plagiarize a whole sentence or paragraph.   You can show your teacher the source material of the inspiring phrase to eliminate the belief that you only took the words and nothing else. For instance, you can learn a word from a newspaper column and use it in an essay. A teacher who has read them many times in other assignments will assume you are copying from the same source as other students.

  1. Show that you can repeat the performance

Ask the teacher to supervise you to write another essay using similar words and without access to the internet.  You may even ask to write one original paragraph using the words correctly offending your teacher as he or she watches. It will sway the first decision because a plagiarist will not offer to write the essay with the same words without researching. If your new work does not deviate from the train of thought in the first paper, your teacher will see that you know the subject well.

 Petition a higher authority if you are confident on the originality of your work and your teacher keeps on rejecting your explanations and evidence.