For more than a decade, the mink is the most popular fur for the production of beautiful women’s fur coats, and this is not surprising, because it has some very prominent features and pleasant advantages with which other fur materials find it difficult to bear.

Also, it is also worth noting that the advantages in socks and warmth are not the most important, because a mink coat is primarily a status thing that only true connoisseurs of luxury and beautiful appearance, supported even during the cold season, can afford.

Plus, a well-made mink fur coat will last you for many years, provided it is properly used and stored.

Features when choosing a mink coat

The first thing you will need to decide is the style, length, and color of the product, size, and after that, you start looking at the model you like more carefully.

Choosing a mink coat for yourself, it is important to correctly approach this issue, since having bought yourself a non-quality product, you will most likely be disappointed. Carefully inspect the fur products, run your hand across its surface. It should not feel the seams, they should not be noticeable.

Remember that a quality product always has a smooth color (unless otherwise provided by the model), since the skins are strictly selected for tone before stitching. The fur should not have any bald patches, the surface should be soft and very silky to the touch. If you notice a hard piece on a fur coat, this may indicate poor-quality dressing. If you find a yellow shade on a light mink, then this indicates old age and not proper processing of raw materials.

Advantages of mink coats

The main advantage of this product is, of course, its noble appearance, luxurious radiance of fur, thick and dense fur. In a quality product, you will feel like a real queen.

The second advantage of the mink is the weightlessness of its products. Fur coats, which are made correctly, very light, but warm. A soft shine, reminiscent of the shine of silk, will delight you for many years.

The third advantage is the fashion factor. A mink coat is unlikely to ever go out of fashion, because it is a timeless product that is worn for years, regardless of the fleeting trends in non-permanent fashion.

The fourth advantage is fairly simple to care of a mink fur coat. You do not have to make special efforts to keep the fur always as new, it was taken care of in high-quality production.

Where can I buy a good mink coat?

I do not advise you to buy a mink product at a very low price and in doubtful places that are not supported by positive reviews.

This suggests that the product was sewn not in factory conditions, where they control every stage of its manufacture, but in artisanal conditions.

Saving on a mink coat, you risk getting a non-quality product that either break immediately, starts shedding, or loses its shape right away.

Buy mink coats and other fur products in proven places, in large trading companies like a&a vesa that have shown themselves in the market and have a name, places that you can find only positive feedback from satisfied customers!