Die Cut Business Cards

Die Cut Business Cards Don’t be boring, make it special! You can make a lasting impression with die-cut business cards. Die cuts can be simple or catchy, and showcase your business in one of the …

Die Cut Business Cards

Don’t be boring, make it special! You can make a lasting impression with die-cut business cards.

Die cuts can be simple or catchy, and showcase your business in one of the most effective marketing tools you have: your business card.

Standard Dies

You can create a unique look with a standard-cut business card shape made from high-quality matte, uncoated, or recycled card stocks.

Standard die-cut business cards are significantly cheaper than custom fabrication and can be produced in a shorter time frame.

  • Standard Die Cut Business Card Styles
  • Printing Features
  • Choose from our standard dies
  • 500 boxes per box – Multiple boxes with different names at NO EXTRA COST!
  • Full color on both the front and back, as well as black or blank at the back
  • Optional UV Coating or gloss aqueous coating available for FREE
  • 6-day production (rush is available for standard dies).
  • Paper options
  • Gloss Cover 14pt 120#
  • Cover 14pt 100# uncoated
  • 120# dull/matte cover 14pt
  • 160# gloss Cover 18pt
  • Gloss Cover 24pt 200#
  • Cover options for recycled materials
  • Many custom papers

Custom Dies

You have complete control over the design and appearance of your business cards with a custom die. For a small fee, a custom die can be made to your specifications starting at $200. For more information, please call. Take a look at these examples to get your imagination going.

  • Custom Die Examples
  • Couch Die Example

How Does Die Cutting Work?

A “die”, a sharp, steel-cutting blade that is shaped into a cookie cutter shape, is used to create custom die cut business cards. You can use die cutting to make a unique outer shape for your business cards or create a pattern or decorative shape within a piece. You can create fancy shapes with die cuts, from curvy edges and sharp points to contours of well-known items like cars, animals, buildings, or flowers.

Designing Die Cut Business Cards

There are seven types of die-cut shapes that we offer, but we can create any business card shape that you need. These are some design tips.

Don’t get carried away. While die-cut cards can be eye-catching and unique, your business card should contain your contact information. Your message should be clear and concise in your die-cut pattern.

  • The die cuts can be used for any type of paper stock as well as for plastic and magnetic business cards.
  • Your business card should be simple to read. Avoid small fonts or difficult to read fonts.

Using Die Cut Business Cards

Business cards are not just for networking events or industry events. They are versatile promotional items that can be used to meet many business needs.

Hang tags can be attached to clothing using business cards. If the cards are cut to your specifications, they convey a unique message.

As company rewards cards, you can use business cards. To reward repeat customers for returning visits, choose a die-cut that can fit easily in a wallet.

To win an in-store prize, turn business cards into raffle tickets. Customers can fill in their email addresses and names. The cards can also serve double duty as they collect responses to a survey that will help improve your business. People will be motivated to take part in surveys by a unique die-cut design.

The die cuts make business cards stand out from the pile of cards that arrives home from happy hour at the Chamber of Commerce. Round corners are very popular, but how about rounded corners with just one or two corners? Imagine a card that looks like a coffee cup or a guitar pick. Innovative business cards are displayed, used and reread again and again.

The concept of a business cards can be made more fun with die cuts. Your business card will be the talk in the neighborhood if you pair them with magnets, specialty papers, and plastics.

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