According to some reports, an older laptop could contain $30 worth gold while newer units might have gold worth $15-25. It also notes that there are still many old laptops stored in storage and will eventually need to be recycled.

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Metals can be removed from computer cases, hard drives, disk drives, motherboards and CPUs. You must first separate them all. Here is a step-by-step guideline.

The Computer Case Side is Opened

Locate the screws that attach the case to the computer on the backside and remove them using a screwdriver, or a power drill. You should now be able to open one side of your case. Newer models of computers are usually easier to open.

  • Reduce the Wires

You can make it easier by cutting the wires right after you open the case. To do this, you can use a bolt cutter. You might find that some wires have gold plating ends. Make sure to cut these ends and keep the gold plating intact.

  • Get the RAMs and CPU

Small plastic tabs are usually used to secure the RAM. You can easily remove the RAMs by pushing the plastic tubs at each end. Nearly every CPU has a heat sink. To open the CPU’s heat sink, a small throw switch must be turned UP. The strap that connects the CPU to its heat sink is also included.

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  • Get the PCIs Out

Simply give the PCIs a good pull to remove them from the motherboard. If this doesn’t work, locate one or more screws that attach the PCIs to the motherboard and remove them. You can remove the gold-plated fingers from PCI boards and make them into separate pieces to make good money.

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  • Take out the Power Supply, Motherboard, Hard Drive, and Hard Disks

It should now be simple to remove all the components. You can use a power drill to remove the screws that attach the motherboard to the case. To remove the hard drive, hard drives, and power supply, unscrew all screws.

  • You can identify and separate different metals from each computer part.

Make separate piles for each metal part. Copper-bearing motors are found in the large chunk of aluminum below the cooling fan. Another copper bearing motor can be found within the power supply. You will find the gold-plated pins just below the CPU location. Simply cut any golden items you find and take them with you. It is possible to make it easier by searching for gold, copper, and aluminum and making separate piles for each.

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  • Selling Metals

It is time to cash in on all your metals. Find a scrap yard close to you. Online, you can also sell Motherboards and RAMs as well as CPUs, CPUs and PCIs. Online vendors can be tricky to deal with. These items can be sold on eBay, which usually pays more than you would get at a scrapyard.