Career transition can occur at any stage during the life of your career. It can occur when you are considering a move laterally or even a promotion. Transition also occurs when you are looking to move into a new work place or even while changing career industries.

To make a positive career transition, the key is in assessing your current wants and needs and matching it to what season of life you are currently experiencing. At the beginning of your career you will make different career transition choices due to life style, goals and passion. So, what SEASON is your career currently in? Spring and new growth; Summer and stretching/extremes; Fall and change; or Winter and self reflection?

To help you assess and determine the season of your career, use the following self evaluation questions.

Career Transition for SPRING

Spring denotes growth. Your career is blossoming and full of new life. Spring occurs at the stage in your career in which you have energy and vision. Are you adding to your career goals? Maybe you have just started learning a new skill set. Are you currently challenged within your career? Are you discovering new processes or products to advance your career goals? If so, then you might be in the Spring of your career.

Career Transition for SUMMER

Summer means the heat of it. With Summer, one can feel stretched or maybe even experience extremes much like drought, or even flooding. You may be unsure about how to move forward at this season of your career since the time is short and you feel as if you are just keeping your head above water! Are you overwhelmed with the workload and see no end in sight? Are you experiencing problems sleeping at night? Or do you feel that projects are drying up but the pressure to increase sales or customer satisfaction is always present? If so, then you might be in Summer of your career transition.

Career Transition for FALL

Fall says change is inevitable. Change is coming and it is going to happen whether or not you like it. It is important to read the signs at this stage of your career and to make the adjustment to change as necessary. Am I reading the signs that my job or company is going to change? Am I looking for ways to learn new concepts or skills so that I can add value to the organization? Am I stepping forward by taking on new projects or responsibilities? If so, then you just might be experiencing the Fall career season.

Career Transition for WINTER

Winter takes on that subtle internal growth. Winter is a time of self-reflection. Others may not necessarily see the growth happening within you. Winter growth is not seen on the outside but seeds are being planted and you are preparing for growth. In the Winter of a career transition we think about what we want to become by Spring. We may be looking to trim some fat or become stronger in a certain area. Are you resetting career goals like a New Year’s Resolution? Have you found yourself considering going back to school for an MBA? Maybe you are reading more articles on self or career development concepts, or how-to books. Then, you may be in the Winter of your career transition.

All of the above seasons describe the different career transitions we go in and out of throughout our lifetime. You might experience two or more of these seasons going on at the same time! The key is to first know where you are in them and then to set out a plan to move into the season you desire. Seek out those resources or professionals that can help you move from one season to another without experiencing the pain of making costly mistakes. Look forward to these positive changes in your career!